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The “This connection is untrusted” error when opening web pages using HTTPS is a common “disease” of Mozilla Firefox. This is how the browser tries to protect your computer from potential threats, but what if it blocks absolutely everything, even completely respected sites? Read about the causes of the error and how to fix them…. Read Article →

Hello friends! I will write today about the problem when The task manager is not working. When trying to start the task manager, I get the message “Task manager has been disabled by the administrator”. If you want to launch the task manager and press Ctrl + Alt + Del and you see a message… Read Article →

Often times, PC users are faced with a situation where one or more components refuse to work at the same time. Problems can occur with any USB device, disk, network cards, video cards, and other hardware. At the same time, a yellow exclamation mark will appear next to the damaged hardware in the device manager…. Read Article →

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