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What’s the dirtiest place on your computer? Think in the basket? User folders? Cooling system Don’t guess! The dirtiest place is the cache! After all, it must be constantly cleaned! In fact, there are a lot of caches on your computer and they don’t serve as a landfill, but as device and application accelerators. Where… Read Article →

Hello friends, to blur the blog with something funny, I want to show you a video that I once found on the Internet. The guys with the view must have gotten bored and decided to have some fun, how? Watch the video. See also: Need for Speed ​​The Run – Available Now Funny video about… Read Article →

Hi friends, this entry probably had to be posted on April 1st Windows cannot start due to corrupted or missing \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ config \ system. Well okay, you can laugh today. On the web I accidentally saw one very interesting video that I propose to watch today. Maybe this video will help… Read Article →

Hi! From the title of the article, I think you’ve already understood what I was going to write about. As if I was sitting at the computer and thinking about the prefix from somewhere Dendy. Then I remembered that she had great rifle games. Well, you probably remember to shoot ducks and bandits there. All… Read Article →

Hello friends! I decided to write today about one interesting feature that is present in the Windows 7 operating system. And I will tell you today, how to enable god mode in windows 7 or modeGoDMode. You’re probably already wondering what it is and how to activate it, it’s all very simple, but let’s get… Read Article →

Hello friends. Since my blog is all about computers and everything around them, I’d like to write a little note on how to embellish these computers a bit and do something with your own hands, basically modding computers. I admit honestly, I am not a passionate craftsman and do not make modifications, but there was… Read Article →

Today I decided to publish a blog post with interesting images of flash drives. Well, everyone has heard of flash drives, and probably everyone is actively using them almost as much as it is very convenient. But, most likely, those flash drives that we have are ordinary and gloomy devices that are made only for… Read Article →

I don’t know about you friends, but I really like crash tests. If you don’t know what it is, then watching the video I want to show you will understand everything. Or I’ll tell you. A crash test is that they take the device and do whatever they want with it. For example, an iPad… Read Article →

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